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apibond.com APIBond is an API management platform that acts as a proxy where you can validate, transform, secure, analyze and scale any existing API.
Cloud Elements Cloud Elements was built to simplify cloud application integrations and enable application developers to deliver u201cCooperative Appsu201d. We use a u201cone-to-manyu201d approach to connect your application with entire categories of cloud applications, each through a single API. Our clients include startups, SaaS vendors and departments of enterprises who want to provide their customers with more integration options, faster and for a fraction of the cost. Our awesome team is rapidly building connections to the most popular cloud applications that your customers are using. After just one year in business, we were named APEX Technology Startup of 2013. Cloud Elements is based in Denver, Colorado, but our business reaches customers worldwide.
CloudRail CloudRail is the standard interface for the intelligent and interoperable Internet of tomorrow. It is a universal API that works with any system and is able to automatically adapt to new services due to an innovative learning method. With CloudRail the Internet becomes one huge ecosystem where everything works together immediately out of the box. Software developers only have to use a single interface to access all services and thus can speed up the development process rapidly. Service providers can finally create perfectly integrated solutions and realize benefits from a huge developer ecosystem.
Filepicker Here at Filepicker.io, we are building the products that help connect the applications, services, and devices that people work with in their daily lives. We believe that software should make your life easier by cooperating on your behalf to help you get things done.
Kloudless Kloudless provides a single API to connect with over 20 different cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Office 365 and more. Developers can save time integrating their apps with cloud storage by using Kloudlesss unified API. Kloudless also adds in new functionality such as event notifications even if the underlying API doesnt provide it, and provides UI tools such as a File Explorer to simplify integration.
Nylas Sync Engine Nylas is building a new platform for email-powered apps, starting with simple REST APIs and infrastructure for developers. The company was founded in 2013 by Michael Grinich and Christine Spang, two MIT alums who set out to fix IMAP, MIME, and the fragmented world of email systems.
Outbound Outbound is a automated messaging solution for product and marketing folks. The platform enables you to deliver the content you need, using templates for formatting and includion of customer data. The Outbound API allows you to create deliver rules around events, and when the even triggers Outbound tells your channel provider to deliver the customized message.
Treeline Treeline makes it easy to build custom, high-performance apps for Node.js. It is designed for building practical, enterprise-grade backends in a matter of hours - not months.
webshell_ nWebshell is an API which allow you to access any data on the programmable web using API in a faster and an easier way. You have just to send us some javascript via http and we process it on the fly to give you the response you wish in record time.nnThe Webshell API is pretty simple, allowing you to easily integrate your webshell code inside your mobile and web apps. You can run a prototypeorexecute webshell code.